Between the Borders


We've provided analysis to retired members of Naval Intelligence, reporters, businesses, and private individuals. Responses include:

Between the Borders: The American Insurgent

American Insurgent analyzes insurgency and counterinsurgency from the most popular and widely available sources, from the 1940s to modern publications, and discusses not only the probable mechanisms of an American insurgency, but also the precursors already in place in America, from dehumanization of the opposition to disinformation campaigns.

Few get to choose sides in a conflict, and the fear of the opposition getting a first strike often leads to tragedy. The belief of a person motivates them more than the reality, and the public has shown they believe conflict is always on the horizon. Decide for yourself.

Michael P. Faragher

Michael Faragher holds a Master's in Intelligence Operations and a Bachelor's in Disaster and Emergency Management from American Military University, and trained with the Washington County, Wisconsin Community Emergency Response Team.

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